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Are You Listening?

Part Two: Use a Pulse Survey to Find Out What’s Going on With Your Team

April 17, 2020

A New Offering from Trispective and Newmeasures

Last week we talked about the power and importance of asking good coaching questions to understand how your team is fairing right now. Today, we want to share another approach. Trispective, in partnership with Newmeasures, is offering a team check-in pulse survey and coaching support for you and your team. 

Here’s How It Works

Step 1: Pulse Check

We’ll send a short survey to your team to identify what’s already working, and where the team needs support and coaching. This anonymous survey will allow your team to tell you what’s really on their minds in regard to hot topics such as:
  • Communication
  • Clear expectations
  • Support for well-being
  • Collaboration and connection
  • Meeting structure
  • Conflict management
  • Team leadership 

Step 2: Leadership Coaching Session 

We will review the pulse survey results with you to ensure you understand your team’s strengths and challenges and what they need from each other and you to move forward collectively. In this 60-minute coaching session, we will discuss your important role in leading the team during this time and make sure you are prepared to help lead the team in a discussion on the results. 

Step 3: Facilitated Team Session 

Then, we will take your team through a facilitated, 90-minute Zoom session to discuss the findings and create clear next steps and actions. The session will include:
  • Reviewing and analyzing your pulse survey results
  • Sharing best practices for virtual teamwork 
  • Developing your team’s operating norms 
  • Expectations and needs from you (the team leader) and each other 
  • Creating actions and next steps
Step 4: Pulse Check to Track Progress

After the individual and team coaching, we will send another pulse survey to the team to ensure we have made progress and identify if there are other topics that may warrant additional discussion or coaching.
This process includes the following elements:
  • Pulse survey
  • Leader coaching
  • Team session facilitation
  • Follow up pulse survey 
The total cost is $1700 for a team up to 10 participants. For larger teams, please reach out to us directly. 
For more information contact us or call us at 720-259-4092.