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Is it really possible to train implicit bias out of someone?

Don't rely on corporations to quell the nation's racism. Resolving bias is an issue of personal responsibility.

by Linda Adams May 31, 2018

In the month leading up to Tuesday's implicit bias training at Starbucks, the country was overrun with incidents that prove just how far the nation hasn't come on issues of bias and racial profiling. 

There was the parent who was touring Colorado State University and called the cops because two young men who joined the tour late were being too quiet; the neighbor to an Airbnb who called the police when the people loading their luggage didn't wave at her; an LA Fitness employee in New Jersey demanded that two men pay for admission, though one was already a member and the other was his guest; a Tennessee neighbor called the police on a property investor who was looking at a home that was for sale. All are stories of Caucasians challenging the innocent actions of people of color. 

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