Team Kit

An in-depth guide with the tools and tips you need to build an unstoppable team.


With Team Kit, you get:

  • All the tools you need to get your team into the Green Zone
  • Best practices for building stronger relationships
  • DIY process for establishing team operating norms
  • Specific strategies for understanding and managing your team's brand and reputation with key stakeholders
  • Information on how to integrate personality assessments with team diagnostic data
  • Sample agenda for conducting effective team building session

For each tool in the kit, we explain how and when to use it, tips for each team zone, best practices and guidelines that will take the guess work out of where to start.


Start building a better team today

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1d Assessment

Get a quick look at how your team performs and discover where you can improve.

Capture your perspective as a team leader or team member.

For anyone who wants to see where their team currently stands.  

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2d Assessment
Per Team

Gain deeper insights by including 
your entire team's feedback in an 
anonymous report.

Capture team members' perspectives 
to get a more robust view of your team.

For team leaders who want to get their 
team into the Green Zone.

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3d Assessment
Per Team

Get a 360 degree view by including 
outside stakeholders who depend on 
your team. 

Add insights from up to
50 stakeholders.

For team leaders who want the most comprehensive view of their team.

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TeamKit Assessment

Self-facilitate your way to the Green 
Zone with proven methods and 
strategies based on your team's report.

An in-depth guide with the tools and 
tips to build an unstoppable team.

For team leaders or team members 
who want additional resources.

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