Get Certified in the 4 Team Zones Assessments

Great teams seem to achieve the impossible. They build brilliant products, exceed expectations, and consistently achieve extraordinary results. Most teams know what success looks like, but just don’t know how to get there. 

At the Trispective Group, we believe that everyone deserves a great team and we need your help to make that happen! Become certified in the
4 Team Zones model and assessments and help the teams you work with deliver the results you know they are capable of.

Our next public workshop is Thursday - April 16th, 2020.
Contact | 720.217.8471 for details and to register.


During this process, you will:

•   Learn the 4 Team Zones model and proven frameworks of team effectiveness.
•   Learn how to administer our diagnostic tools to determine how a team is performing.
•   Practice how to help teams take actionable steps to improve.
•   Develop your facilitation skills and gain confidence in your ability to help any team at any stage.
•   Leave with Trispective materials to support you in facilitating team discussions.

Participant Profile:  Certification is ideal for professionals looking to enhance their facilitation skills with new tools and approaches to help teams build and maintain a high-achieving culture.

Ideal participants will have:

•   Expert level skills in leading team building and team alignment sessions.
•   Comfort with conflict management and difficult conversations.
•   Certification in one or more personality profiles (MBTI, DiSC, Insights, etc).

This certification is open to both internal HR professionals as well as independent consultants and coaches.

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Certification Process

Get Ready: After some self-study, come to Denver to join a cohort of professionals in a collaborative session.

The first phase of the certification includes:

  1. Introductory call with one of our team members to explore your goals in becoming certified, review guidelines, expectations, and pre-work;
  2. Completion of pre-work prior to attending live session;
  3. Joining us for a one-day session where you will:
    1. Deep dive into the 4 Team Zones model, tools and methodology.
    2. Practice analyzing reports and how to use other proven tools and frameworks.
    3. Collaborate with experienced practitioners and build your ongoing community of support.


Launch: Once you are ready to start using the model and assessments with teams, you will complete these three final steps:

  1. Receive your own partner portal to conduct and administer the assessments
  2. Complete virtual training sessions with the Trispective staff on:
    1.  How to use your partner portal.
    2.  Partner guidelines and support resources.
  3. Conduct a one-on-one DIY Assignment with one of the Trispective partners where you will:
    1. Identify a team and run the assessment.
    2. Have a prep call to analyze their report with a Trispective partner.
    3. Debrief with the team leader and the team.
    4. Complete a final check-in with a Trispective partner.


Cost: $2,000 

  • Includes certification workshop, all materials, set up on your own assessment portal, and 1:1 coaching during your first debrief
  • Discounts available for 2+ people from one organization, non-profits, government agencies, and current and former military personnel. Please click on Learn More to inquire about available discounts.
Our next session is Thursday, April 16, 2020. Contact us to discuss how you or the professionals in your organization can get certified in the
4 Team Zones assessments. 
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