At the Trispective Group, we believe that everyone deserves a great team and we need your help to make that happen! Become certified in the Loyalist Team model and assessments and help the teams you work with deliver the results you know they are capable of.

Next session is April 4th in beautiful Denver, Colorado.

Loyalist Team Assessments

Take your team's pulse

Learn about your team in less than 5 minutes with this free 20-question survey.

Assess your team in minutes

Get a quick overview of your team's type with this robust self-assessment.

Include your team

Dive deeper with perspectives from other people on your team.

Get a 360 degree view

See the full picture with feedback from both team members and key stakeholders.

The blueprint for Loyalist Teams

Download an in-depth guide with all the tools you need to build an incredible team.


The Loyalist Team

Great teams seem to achieve the impossible. They build brilliant products, exceed expectations, and consistently achieve extraordinary results. From the outside, these teams appear to have a secret ingredient to their success. But the reality is that with the right tools, any leader can build a great team.

In the Loyalist Team, learn about the predictable, repeatable traits the best teams in the world share and how you can apply these same traits to achieve amazing results within your own organization.

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